Why Product Video Are So Important For Your WooCommerce Gallery

Adding a WooCommerce product video will make online shopping more fun and significantly increase your conversions. However, to present your product or service in a way that the image can’t, you need the help of an add-on. Once WooCommerce is set up, it is impossible to add a video to a single product. However, because


How can WooCommerce Pricing Calculator Make Things Easy for You?

Every Internet business owner usually has different delivery and logistics needs. While most of them have an easy-to-deliver scenario based on product weight or quantity, others may not be as simple. Products such as textiles, metal wires, and lubricants cannot be sold as usual and require special attention. For example, customers buy fabrics based on


How to Set Different Prices by Using WooCommerce User Role Based Pricing

Pricing is one of the most important components of a WooCommerce business owner’s business strategy. In times of personalized pricing, it can be worthwhile to offer certain customer groups unique prices. By offering different prices, you can focus more precisely on building long-term customer relationships. The idea is that those customers who consistently get the


5 WordPress Plugins For Microinteractions, That Provide Better UX For Online Store

While we might not notice it all the time, we encounter microinteractions quite a lot during our day. From replying to emails to playing music on the music app, we come across these microinteractions every day. When a woocommerce smart coupons is designing a digital product such as an online store, microinteractions are something that


A Complete Guide to Install WordPress Plugins According To Your Need

The ecommerce development company or magento ecommerce agency  always gives your assistance and advice, when choosing your WordPress plugins and their installation according to your needs. An extension or plugin is a “small” program that adds a new feature to your WordPress site, without calling on your developer. Indeed, WordPress cannot do everything by default.


Top 5 Sales Booster Magento 2 Extensions 2018

You just started a business and waiting for sales hike? We know that its’ a very generic question for you because so many tough competitors are sailing


10 Free jQuery Carousel Slider Plugins

Best Free Responsive jQuery Carousel Slider Plugins.


10+ Best jQuery Lightbox Plugins

Best jQuery Lightbox Plugins.