Video games are a thriving industry, and you may be one of many who enjoy the excitement that video games provide. If your love of video games has sparked technical creativity in you, then perhaps the best career to consider is as a game developer. Still, there are opportunities in less tech-oriented businesses that will allow you to earn an income just from playing the games. Read on to learn more.

What Skills Are Required for Game Developers?

The average programmer’s salary is around $95,300, and it’s a fast-paced, high-pressure job. A game developer does much more than write code; they must understand the designer’s concepts and make them a reality. At different times, you could be contributing to the storyline, creating prototypes, debugging and troubleshooting, or handling quality control. Some critical skills required to be an accomplished game developer include:

  • Programming/coding skills
  • Creativity
  • Storytelling
  • Problem-solving
  • Time management
  • Communication

Do I Need a Degree to Be a Game Developer?

The chances of your success improve if you obtain a degree, and if you pursue one online, you’ll have the flexibility to study at your own pace. By earning a bachelor of computer science, you will learn several programming languages as well as physics, computer algorithms, and data analysis. While a bachelor’s degree is good enough to get you an entry-level position, more evolved job roles may require an advanced degree. A coding bootcamp is an intense training program that teaches many of the skills that college does. Employers with a high demand for programmers tend to accept a bootcamp certificate. 

How Do I Get My Foot in the Door?

Many top gaming companies hire based on referrals, so establishing solid connections with people in the industry and finding a mentor may help you find employment. In addition, building your portfolio by joining a smaller, independent company will look good on your resume and show off your skills. Finally, joining meetups and taking advantage of other community resources will help.

Ways to Earn an Income Playing Video Games

Producing a podcast, developing a YouTube channel, or posting a blog can generate revenue if you have a large enough audience. As part of your branding, create a banner for your sites using an online banner designer that allows you to use custom images, backgrounds, text, and other design elements on a basic template.

Registering Your Video Gaming Business

If you earn an income based on playing video games, you can register your business as a separate entity, such as a limited liability company or LLC. An LLC can lend credibility to your endeavor while providing personal protection. It’s simpler and cheaper to form and maintain than other business types, and it offers flexible options for filing your taxes

You can register an LLC yourself or use an online business formation service, which is typically cheaper than hiring a lawyer. Regulations differ by state, so do your research beforehand.

Turn Your Love of Video Games Into a Career

You can earn money playing video games, whether by working for someone else or establishing your own LLC. Get some inspirational design tips for your banner and branding from Webprecis as you start on your journey.


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