Lab-grown diamonds have become the rage since the negative effects associated with the mining of natural diamonds came to the fore. Unlike natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds are created in a laboratory in a matter of weeks as opposed to a million years taken for the formation of natural diamonds.

 Lab-grown diamonds are created under conditions that are similar to the conditions required for the formation of natural diamonds, except that the conditions of high temperature and high pressure are artificially created in a lab. 

Thus lab-grown diamonds are far more eco-friendly and more widely accepted by the population today. They have become the choice of stone for a variety of jewellery items especially the ones that hold emotional importance such as engagement rings and wedding rings. Listed below are a few wedding ring designs that use a lab-grown diamond.


A solitaire ring is one that has a single large stone on the ring sitting on a simple metal ring band. Solitaire rings are a popular choice for marriage proposals and the wedding rings of this design are most loved by the people of London, UK. However, these rings are special because they are a combination of simplicity and elegance and can be used as a wedding ring too.

Halo Setting

A ring is said to have a halo setting when the large center stone is accentuated by a ring of tiny diamonds in a row along its circumference. This feature adds extra sparkle to the ring and enhances the beauty of the center stone. This design also allows you to play with the design according to your style. For example, you can choose a colored center stone surrounded by a ring of colorless lab-grown diamonds. This design is eye-catching and is in the trend right now.

Trilogy rings

Trilogy rings are essentially multitoned rings generally consisting of three main stones. The three stones are set along the ring hoop and signify the past, present, and future. This ring design became famous after Prince Harry proposed to Meghan Markle with a trilogy ring. The trilogy ring also allows you to customize the ring according to your choice. You can choose the shape, type, and color of the stones to be the same or different in order to give them a personal touch.

Tension setting

One of the interesting and unique stone mounts on a ring is the tension setting. This setting makes the ring appear as if the stone is floating between the two pieces of metal.  This type of ring holds the gemstone in between the band with the help of pressure on a tiny shelf within the band. The ring may appear fragile but is extremely durable when made with good craftsmanship.

Band style rings

Band style rings are the most common type of wedding ring because their design is simple which makes it easy to wear for a long period of time. However, a more modern take on the simple metal band ring is to accentuate the design by certain accents such as metal carvings and tiny studded diamonds. Unlike the extremely intricate lab grown diamond engagement ring design, this design stands for comfort and style.


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