Bathroom accessories are an essential component of home décor. These items are integral in setting the right mood in your bathroom. They can also complement the other elements within the room, transforming it into a magical space.  

Even more reassuring is the fact that there are plenty of accessories you can bring into your bathroom. The choice of one item over the others will depend on numerous factors, including its functionality and psychological effects.  

This article looks at the five amazing accessories every bathroom ought to have. 

Pump Dispenser  

A pump dispenser, as the name implies, is an accessory used on liquid or semi-liquid containers for dispensing the components of such bottles. It’s also known as a dispensing pump, and is commonly used on bottles, tubes, and jars.  

There’s a long list of bathroom products that make it necessary to invest in a dispensing pump. These range from shampoos and hair conditioners to face washes, creams, and liquid detergents, to mention but a few.  

Another great thing to love about dispensing pumps is that they come in multiple designs. You can get your hands on a high-quality trigger-activated pump dispenser, lock-down and lock-up dispenser, spray pump, top dispenser, etc.  

The choice of a specific pump dispenser design depends mainly on the consistency of the substances you’re planning to use it with. For instance, trigger-activated sprayers are more effective at dispensing more viscous bathroom products.  

Vanity Box  

Vanity boxes are excellent bridal and wedding gifts. They’re also among the most popular bathroom accessories.  

A vanity box allows you to stay organized with your everyday beauty essentials. You can use them to keep your mascara, eyeliners, foundations, lipsticks, and even small bottles of cologne. No wonder these boxes are aptly christened “a woman’s small hand case.”  

Now, there are plenty of vanity boxes you can add to your bathroom. But as you might expect, these products aren’t made equal.  

One way to pick the right vanity box for you is to consider how you’re going to use it. For instance, a vanity box that will spend most of its time on your bathroom counter should come in a color that blends well with your bathroom décor. On the other hand, a box you intend to bring with you wherever you go would need to feature a design and color that complements your ensemble. 

Toilet Brush and Toilet Brush Holder  

Most bathrooms typically include a toilet. That makes a toilet brush and toilet brush holder important bathroom accessories. A toilet brush helps with toilet cleaning while the holder anchors the brush when it’s not in use.  

Admittedly, many homeowners do not consider a toilet brush such a high-involving purchase. However, experts recommend buying a toilet brush designed with proper bristles for accessing the nooks and crannies of your toilet rim. The brush should also be sturdy enough. Insist on products made from highly-durable but flexible materials, such as TPR silicone.  

Don’t forget to check the handle’s length. The handle should also be long enough to keep your hands away from the toilet bowl while cleaning it.  

When it comes to the toilet brush holder, size is the biggest consideration. The holder should be able to accommodate the brush while allowing a considerable wiggle room to prevent the bristles from splashing onto your face while retrieving it from the bowl. Fortunately, most toilet brushes nowadays are sold alongside matching holders.  

Robe Hooks  

Thanks to advancements in interior design, it’s now possible to purchase a house whose bathroom is fully-fitted with robe hooks. But since these items can vary significantly in size and shape, it’s always best to pick the right ones for you.  

One of the key aspects to consider when looking for a robe hook is the mounting technique. Some hooks are designed to be clipped onto the bathroom walls or doors. Others require adhesive to mount.  

The specific bathroom items you intend to hang on a robe hook also determine the best hook to buy.  

Note that there are different types of bathroom robes you can suspend on a robe hook, ranging from regular clothing to towels and napkins. You could also use the hooks to hang your jewelry while sprucing up. 

Indoor Plants 

The bathroom is probably one of the least rooms you’d want to place your indoor plants in. However, your green roommates can provide nearly as much benefit to your bathroom as other rooms.  

The obvious benefit of adding a plant to your bathroom is that it can transform the room’s ambiance. Just remember to opt for species that blend well with other bathroom accessories. Be sure to also provide it with the ideal growing environment to maintain its radiance. 

Indoor plants may also help you fight stress and anxiety. That makes them particularly ideal for the bathroom. Simply staring at your green roommate after a stressful day at work might be all you need to calm down.  

Plants also improve air quality. Studies have shown that indoor plants can remove common pollutants like benzene, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, and formaldehyde. Certain plants can even absorb moisture from their surroundings, reducing mold growth in your bathroom.  

Final Word 

The above-listed accessories are not only functional items that get basic jobs done in the bathroom. They can also add a dash of elegance and sophistication, elevating your experience while sprucing up in your bathroom. 

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